Meet Our Team - 2021-2025

Our team is made from volunteers who have sworn an oath to maintain the vision and growth of our church.  We have the mandate to manage the property of the church, the 2000+ person hall, as well as our monastery in Randolph. With selfless support from our community, our donors and sponsors, we are able to keep building the grounds in Ceder Grove and Randolph, maintain the property and conduct repairs, organize events and ensure the financial well-being of the Church.

Toni Kocevski - President

Natasha Castiblanco - Secretary & Event Manager

Goce Bogdanoski - Vice President

Danny Limbevski - Vice President

Borce Martinoski - Accountant

Sinisha Spasovski - Treasurer

Bobi Petrusevski - Propery and Bar Manager

Gorgi Angelkovski - Bar Manager

Jimmy Martinoski - Event Manager

Vasko Janevski - Event Manager 

Bosko Karafilovski - Property Repairs & Maintanace 

Saso Gegovski - Event Manager

Igor Gegovski - Bar Manager